Canton One Acts Festival 2017!

OAF logo   2017 Canton One Acts Festival
4th Biennial
January 13-15, 2017

Show Scripts Selected!

TLC Productions is excited to announce the scripts that will be presented at the 2017 Canton One Acts Festival!

They are:
Title                                       Author                       State           Director
Jesus Feeds the 4,999          Kay Philips                    AZ             Megan Wright
My Beautiful Voyage              Paul Lewis                    WA             Tim Majzlik
Perpendicular Proposals       Pete DiSante                 MI              Alexander Trice
Revenge                               Brion Scheidel                MI              Linda Trygg

Our thanks to all the talented authors that submitted their works. Your time and talent is appreciated!

Check out our cast for our musical Behind the Curtain and our casts for the 4 original one acts…all together they create….Canton One Acts Festival 2017

Tickets for the Canton One Acts Festival are now on sale. Among the 3 performances, there are only 240 seats available so purchase your seats early! Click here to purchase tickets.

Kickstarter Backers

Our Kickstarter campaign has closed. Our thanks to our backers!  Your support is deeply appreciated!

Jane Jaskowski
Rebecca Winder
Gerry Tremblay
Jill Engel
Denise Staffeld
Travel Leaders – Plymouth
Debbie Kelch


The next One Acts Festival call for submissions will open in June 2018.
However, we invite authors to consider joining us for StageLab24 in September 2017.



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