Coming soon to the Biltmore Studio….ONESTAGE!

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This unique stage show by TLC Productions includes 5 original one-act plays and a scene from a forthcoming new musical authored by TLC Productions.  The plays include commissioned scripts from award-winning authors.  In a matter of only a few hours of rehearsals, actors will bring these works to life.  This theatrical event combines the best of the Canton One Acts Festival and a 24-hour theater project.

TLC Productions is excited to announce our team of Directors for September’s ONESTAGE event at the Village Theater at Cherry Hill: Alexander Trice, Tim Majik, Scott Randall, David Zolotarchuk, Linda Pohl, and Tim Chanko.

The production will occur on September 8th and 9th at 8pm and 2pm respectively. Tickets are available NOW!


*** Tim and Linda at the Partnership for the Arts and Humanities Gala***

TLC Productions Co-Producers

TLC Productions                         Co-Producers:         Tim Chanko  Linda Pohl  Christopher Tremblay

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