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The authors of Fonts! A Type of Musical created their production name of TLC Productions, based on their first names: Tim Chanko, Linda Pohl and Christopher Tremblay.

Tim wrote all the music and lyrics as well as creating the script along with Linda and Christopher, who originated the idea of a show revolving around fonts.

Since that fateful day, the three have evolved to a production team. In January of 2011 they produced Canton’s first One-Acts Festival from January 21-23, 2011.  It was the first of that type of event in Canton and was very well received.

In June of 2011, they wrote a one-act show, In the Dark,  which was workshopped at the Village Theater in Canton one night and then was presented at the Fenton One Act Festival. They earned an honorable mention at this festival.

Finally in November of 2011, they worked with Barefoot Productions in Plymouth, to stage their two original one-act musicals, Behind the Curtain and Fonts! A Type of Musical, for a full weekend. It was the first time Barefoot Productions had produced a musical at their theater and were very pleased with the results.

TLC Productions has prepared a short introduction that offers a more in-depth look at TLC Productions – their background and achievements as well as a chronology and milestones listing.

In February 2016, Kristin Heitmeier joined TLC Productions officially as an Associate Producer.  Kristin has been involved with TLC Productions since its first Canton One Acts Festival and most recently served as Project Director for Social Mediation, the TeenLab365 production within StageLab24 in January 2016.


 Christopher, Linda and Tim Co-Founders of TLC Productions

Christopher, Linda and Tim
Co-Founders of TLC Productions


Associate Producer, Kristin Heitmeier

Associate Producer                            Kristin Heitmeier


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